This is not a Tool fansite...

...even though it seems like it to me in keeping with the recent theme, here's this little tease from a good friend of the band: 

"Shortly after I arrived, before taking to their respective instruments, Adam suggested that everyone should first have a listen to what they had recorded during the previous session in order to make sure that all were in agreement with certain recently added sections. And listen they did. In fact, to give you some idea - my parking meter expired twice before they were done. And judging from the smiles on their faces, it seemed that, for the most part, Danny, Adam and Justin liked very much what they were hearing and that after some finishing touches, the 'epic' tune would be ready for Maynard to do his thing. (During some of the more melodic passages, I was trying to envision the vocals which, to me, brings it all together.)

After a bit of discussion about some rapid-fire triplets in one section, I asked Danny if he was going to be able to knock out the piece in one take when it came time to track it? His response was to smile and bury his head in his hands, which I will let the readers interpret for themselves. As for the song itself, without giving too much away, it features complex time signatures, interesting harmonic structure and expanding effects processing - similar to what fans of Tool have come to expect - only now, perhaps not surprisingly, the band has taken it to the next level."


"New" APC song

Here is a song A Perfect Circle has been playing live for a couple years now. I just recently heard the studio version.

I am a fan of this song. 

Scroll down a little bit to play the song:

And here's a two hour long interview with Maynard from this year, if you're into that sort of thing. I learned a few things...namely that Maynard drives a Tundra. Great minds...great minds...



Concert Calendar updated

KC folks...the concert calendar is up to date. Here's a few I'm excited about: 


Iron and Wine


Jim James

Steely Dan


If you only like bands like Soulfly and Oleander, they're playing too, but I didn't list them because suck it, I have a real job and this takes a long time. 

Here's a mash-up that was sent to me by our Austin, TX remote ninja. Tame Impala + Kanye = a surprise joy for your Thursday.