Respite in your face!

We took a little break. We're back. It's summer, we've been at the lake and pool and Spain and other such not-concertninja places. 

I failed to put much on the album releases calendar for July, and I'm not going to go back and do it now. Here were the moderately noteworthy releases in July:  

Pretty Lights, Jay-Z, Bell X1, Lustmord, Edward Sharpe & the MZ, Gogol Bordello.

I didn't buy any of them, although I heard a good portion of the Jay-Z album during a man-trip to the lake. It was moderately entertaining as background music. 

There are some good upcoming shows in the KC area in the late stages of summer, 2013. It seems to be a back-loaded concert season. I'll add all the shows to the calendar todayish. 

News on the new Tool album:

Also, we're going to try and update the ninj more frequently. We're going to adopt a quantity over quality approach. Like cable news. 

In that spirit, here's this...I can't decide if I hate it more than I like it...Sir-Mix-A-Lot remixing Maynard James Keenan:



This song gave AIDS the's that sick. 

This song is like eating a bowl of grenades with the pins pulled. And your spoon is lit dynamite. Oh, and your arms are snakes. Also, there's some jalapenos on there. And you're on a bullet train headed for a tunnel in a mountain that isn't a tunnel it's just a black half circle painted by a coyote. Said coyote is biting your face. Oh, and the train is made out of lava and it's filled with spiders that are lava-resistant.  


I'm a true Tool dork. I am now aware how those two words, "tool, dork" look when written in succession...Phallus-son learned. I'm speaking of Tool, the band, of course. As a Tool dork, I troll the www for any info pertaining to the progress of the new album on a tri-weekly basis. Sometimes I find pertinent info. Usually I don't. This time I kind of found semi-pertinent info...but not really. But kinda.

New! new! NEW!

You might have noticed.

Everything's new.


I'm working on getting some of the older content from the old site moved over here, but I doubt I'll bring all of site, new content...all better.

The calendar will show all pertinent (to us, and hopefully you) album releases each Tuesday (in gold), as well as local concerts for the KC metro area peeps. For now, if you can't see everything on a given date because the popup window is jacked, click on the "Agenda" tab at the top and you will be able to see all events.

There's a lot about this new format we're still learning, so bear with us while we hone.

Pedro circa 2006

Pedro circa 2006

BK posing

BK posing