So Fresh, So Spring Clean

February 27, 2013

Bear with us as we get some of the computery aspects of this multimedia titan you know as CONCERTNINJA hammered out. A new site is underway. 

This is the most recent podcast episode from Pedro and myself, even though we recorded it almost 2 weeks ago. Sorry. There's an excuse for why it happened this way, and it's an excuse we shouldn't have to use in the future.

Also, we learned how to kind of play songs and talk at the same time without learning how to make that combo intelligible to a listener. I think we have that figured out for future pods as well. Progress, my friends... 

Oh yeah, the podcast is also now available for free on iTunes for download to your handheld device. Just go to the podcast section and search for defensetieschampionships (or maybe Defense Ties Championships). I don't know how long it will take for the most recent episode to post, but #2 is there now for sure. 

Podcast Episode #3: